Lead mining in Apedale

Apedale is a now uninhabited dale lying between Swaledale and Wensleydale. It has a history of lead mining spanning a thousand years or more. On Sunday 5th March I will lead a walk to look at all aspects of lead mining there. For details see  

Although this is a SWAAG walk non-members are welcome to join me in the hope you might join up! Email via the contact page if  interested in coming along.




The full report on excavations at the stunning stone ring and alignments at Calanais [ aka Callanish] on the Isle of Lewis scotland-may-2013-006in the Western Isles is available here .

The digs took place between 1980 and 1986 in advance of repairs to the ground, much worn by visitors. The excavations revealed many unexpected structures hidden below the surface and also gave us a better idea of when its various bits were built. They added to our understanding of its connections with the great stone rings in Orkney; and the high quality pottery helped build up a picture of long distance connections.

This final report describes the detail, providing much material for archaeologists and others to develop their ideas about the stones.