Health in the Dale

Jocelyn Campbell has produced an excellent review of health issues over time in Swaledale and Arkengarthdale, much of which is of course transferable elsewhere. This beautifully illustrated document is well worth a read and may be downloaded here 

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Who was the real Ubba, the formidable Danish Viking in The Last Kingdom?

Those of you who watched the first series of The Last Kingdom (series two begins next week) may remember the formidable Danish warrior and King of the Danish Great Army who Uthred is advised to avoid. An interesting article from the Viking Society for Northern Research entitled Rodulf and Ubba. In Search of a Frisian argues that another famous Viking warrior, Rodolf, and Ubba were one and the same.

The article attempts to reconstruct some of Rodulf’s life and deeds. It is suggested that his activities were not limited to Frisia and Francia but probably also encompassed Ireland, where a Scandinavian leader called Rodlaibh (Rodulf) was active in the early 860s, and possibly even earlier. More tentatively, it is proposed that Rodulf could well be the same man as one of the early leaders of the Danish Great Army in England, called Ubba ‘dux of the Frisians’.

Local History Group meeting 9th March 2017

The next meeting of the Local History Group meeting is Thursday 9th March at 4.15pm in the Buck Hotel, Reeth

Outline agenda:
Activity reports incl manorial records, med tax, health in the dales, place name studies.

Three interesting short presentations:
1. Sue Nicholson : 19thC clothing clubs
2. Richard Hunt : A Chronology of Some External Features in the Smaller Vernacular Buildings of the Upper Swaledale Area
3. Perry Gardner: What Lidar can tell us about the Swaledale Dykes

Date of next meeting ; provisionally Thursday 15th June 2017 4.15pm Buck Hotel