Early 14th C Scots raids in Northern England

Colm McNamee’s excellent book “The wars of the Bruces – Scotland, England & Ireland 1306-1328”  contains two excellent chapters on the Scots in Northern England in this period. Strangely it is freely downloadable at


or you can buy it on Amazon!


Vikings Survey quiz

To mark the launch of a new season of the epic drama Vikings, The History Channel UK conducted a survey of 2,000 people asking them about all things Vikings, from general knowledge to ancestry. The results were fascinating! Take their quiz to discover what people believe about the Vikings and about their lasting legacy on our world today.

Go to  http://www.medievalists.net/2017/05/vikings-survey-quiz/


Decoding Ancient Roman Handwriting

Between 2010 and 2014, archaeologists digging in London’s financial district, on the site of a new British headquarters for Bloomberg, made an astonishing discovery—a collection of more than four hundred wooden tablets, preserved in the muck of an underground river. The tablets, postcard-sized sheets of fir, spruce, and larch, dated mainly from a couple of decades after the Roman conquest of Britain, in A.D. 43, straddling the period, in the reign of Nero, when Boudica’s rebellion very nearly got rid of the occupation altogether. Eighty of them carried legible texts—legible, that is, to Roger Tomlin, one of the world’s foremost experts in very old handwriting. For more info see https://tinyurl.com/kt88cuk