Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms

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Humans in Australia – setting off early

From today’s Economist:

Even today, getting to Australia from the rest of the world is not easy. Yet artefacts recovered from an archaeological dig near Kakadu National Park, in the country’s Northern Territory, suggest ancient humans managed it much earlier than previously thought. Items dating to between 65,000 and 80,000 years ago, including pigments and stone axes, were found buried in a rock shelter that had been excavated several times before. Previous estimates put humans’ arrival in Australia at between 47,000 and 60,000 years ago. Alongside other recent discoveries, including teeth found in China that are between 80,000 and 120,000 years old, the find suggests that humans have been wandering beyond their ancestral continent of Africa considerably longer than was thought. Previously, researchers believed the ancient group of people from which all modern non-Africans are descended struck out around 60,000 years ago. That date must now be put back.

Swaledale Quoits

Seven pub teams in Swaledale [2017] play the ancient game of quoits, traceable back to at least 1700. Teams of seven compete throughout the summer. The collage above shows the  handbook, given to each team member. Simplistically the objective is to throw the quoit, a 5 lb or so metal ring, from one end to the other, a distance of 11 yards, and land the quoit over the peg in the centre of the clay pit, to score 2 points; failing that the nearest to the pin scores one point. In reality, the game is more complex with difference throws for different circumstances; face-gater, hill-gater [possibly suggesting some Norse influenece], cue, pot, frenchman etc. Seven games in a match pit one player from each team against another.  Each player throws 2 quoits in each end. The winner is the first to 21 points.

Above is Alan Mills throwing a quoit, seen in mid-air; one of the quoits pits, 3 ft square, filled with clay with the peg in the centre and below, the quoits pitches at the CB Inn, Arkengarthdale [2 teams].

Other pubs currently playing in the Swaledale and Arkengarthdale League are the Buck Hotel, Reeth [2 teams]; the Black Bull, Reeth, the Red Lion, Langthwaite; the Punch Bowl, Low Row.

Although slightly different in the US, the US Quoiting Association has a good website at