Did our ancient ancestors have it better? 


A life of hunting and gathering had advantages over one of farming and settlement.

Illustration by Golden Cosmos

Civilisation’s pivotal moments — the neolithic revolution, when our ancestors moved from hunter-gatherer to settled agrarian society, and the development of writing — may not be progress after all. John Lanchester explains how “every complicated and beautiful thing humanity ever made has, if you look at it long enough, a shadow, a history of oppression”. (New Yorker)


Swaledale Vernacular Architecture and more!

Local historian Richard Hunt will be talking at the Swaledale Museum, Reeth on Wednesday 13th September, 7.30pm. See below for more from the Swaledale Museum Newsletter.

Our last talk for the season is on Wednesday 13th September at 7.30pm when we welcome Richard Hunt looking at vernacular architecture and war!  His talk will be in two parts. The first part is an attempt to provide a guide to dating ordinary houses in the Upper Swaledale area, Grinton to Keld. It is based on a survey of about 90 houses in the area with date stones and relies on comparing the various styles of door jambs, lintels, windows and other features, typically fire windows and through-stones, which seem to be associated with particular date ranges. The second part … is completely different!

Admission to the talks is £3 for Friends and £4 for non-members. Contact 01748-884118 for details or email Helen on museum.swaledale@btinternet.co.uk to book a seat as they can go quite fast for some talks.